Nagoya University Writing Center

FOURTH International Symposium

on Academic Writing and Critical Thinking


8th - 9th February, 2019


Friday (Feb 8)
All talks will be delivered inside the Integrated Research Building for Humanities and Social Sciences  (文系総合館)
11:00 Registration open    Conference Hall (7/F)
Lunch Break
13:00 ~ 13:10
Symposium Open    Conference Hall (7/F)
Prof. Seiichi Matsuo (President, Nagoya University)
Prof. Kazuhisa Todayama (President, Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Nagoya University)
13:10 ~ 14:00
Keynote Talk    Conference Hall (7/F)    Chair: Todayama
Prof. Tomoyuki Yamada  (Hokkaido University)
How Socratic interactive questioning works in academic writing education
  Assessment    Room 308  Chair: Weeks
Critical Thinking    Room 309  Chair: Nuske
14:15 ~ 14:45
Myskow G., Wadden P., Hale C.  
(Keio University, ICU, AIU)
Feedback and Assessment in the Japanese University Writing Classroom
Pedersen, N. (Yonsei University)
Critical reasoning in the age of constant connectivity
14:45 ~ 15:15
Hale C. C.   (Akita International Univ.)
Academic Culture as Content: Integrating Self-assessment in the Writing Classroom at the Japanese Liberal Arts University
Peláez, J. (Beijing Institute of Technology)
Analysis of the fallacy of petitio principii from a normative analogical criterion
15:15 ~ 15:45
Nilep C.    (Nagoya University)
Laboratory report writing assignment for first-year college students
Kasaki, M. (Nagoya University)
The Problem of Learning Transfer in Academic Writing and Critical Thinking
  Education    Room 308  Chair: Lai
German    Room 309  Chair: Rude
16:00 ~ 16:30
Imig A., D’Angelo J. (Chukyo U.)
CEFR as a tool for innovative writing
Rude M. (Nagoya University)
Can you summarize your research?
Können Sie Ihre Forschung zusammenfassen?
16:30 ~ 17:00
Sakakibara T. (University of Tokyo)
Potential Benefits and Drawbacks of Machine Translation in L2 Writing Classes
17:00 ~ 17:30
18:00 ~
Dinner (4,000 yen per person)


Saturday (Feb 9)
All talks will be delivered inside the Liberal Arts and Sciences Main Building (全学教育棟本館)
Room C-32  Chair: Nilep
Critical Reading    
Room C-31  Chair: Deacon
Chinese & Japanese    
Room C-30  Chair: Lu
10:00 ~ 10:30
Hamlitsch N.  (Mie University)
Enough about behavior: Authentic teaching roles as confidence builder in student presentations
Harwood C.   (Sophia University)
Scaffolding Critical Reading and Writing in a Demanding Source-based Writing Course
10:30 ~ 11:00
Toohey D.   (Nagoya University)
 Academic Presentation Populism
Ahn S.  (Temple University)
Teaching Marginal Annotations to Promote Slow and Deliberate Reading Behavior
 文龍  (京都大学)
中国語話者学習者のための日本語の「良い作文」評価基準の試み -説明文と意見文を中心に-
11:00 ~ 11:30
Weeks M.   (Nagoya University)
Research Communication as Pragmatic Nomadism
Chambers J. (Temple University)
On Determining What Is An Academic Source Versus Not When Conducting Research
 明世 (名古屋大学)
Thesis statementのためのチュートリアル指導の有効性について
Lunch Break
Rm C-32   Chair: Toohey

Rm C-31  Chair: Kasaki

Rm C-30  Chair: Baumert

13:00 ~ 13:30
Deacon R.   (Nagoya University)
Allegory Increases the Impact of a Scientific Review Article: Implications for Innovating the Focus of Academic Writing Instruction
Wadden P.  
(International Christian University)
Transforming formalism and EAP: primary research, critical thinking, and the empirical research essay
Sakai C.   (Paris Diderot University)
French Research Institute on Japan (MFJ-Tokyo)
Traduire les sciences humaines entre France et Japon : les limites d’un contrat et l'horizon d’attente
13:30 ~ 14:00
McPhail M.   (Gunma Kokusai Academy)
Divergent Thinking through Breakout Boxes
Nuske K.   (Nagoya University)
Challenges of teaching the literature review to students across disciplines
Bilodeau I.  (Aichi Shukutoku University)
L’instance postfacielle chez les traducteurs japonais, anglais et français
14:00 ~ 14:30
Lee J.    (Gifu University)
University-wide Coordination of Writing Classes
Azra J-L.  (Seinan Gakuin University)
Using models to improve written productions in foreign language classes
Dassonville N.  (Aichi  University)
Le défi de l’acquisition de compétences argumentatives en français pour les apprenants japonais.
Seminar Lounge 3/F, ILAS
14:45 ~ 15:35
Keynote Talk   S-30 Chair: Toohey
Prof. Joe Lau (Hong Kong University)
From critical thinking to innovation: some common elements
15:35 ~ 16:35
Plenary Session   S-30 Chair: Nilep
Tokai Higher Education and Research System (THERS)
Prof. David Barker (Gifu University) and Prof. Paul Lai (Nagoya University)
Seminar Lounge 3/F, ILAS
17:00 ~ 18:00
General Discussion
S-30 Chair: Nuske
Symposium Close
Prof. Itsuko Fujimura (Nagoya University)


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